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Must admit I loved 3-2-1 back in the 80's as a young teen, and about a year ago I would have said that it was what Saturday night TV should be about, but having watched a few in the past year on the Challenge channel my illusions were totally shattered to pieces at how dated, poor and bad the entertainment acts were, and the very middle class, all white couples, married of course! It was yuck. Not to mention that stupid mechanical bin, and Ted's little finger gesture. I'd not give it 3 fingers nowadays, definitely a 2 finger gesture!

But Ted Rogers was meant to have been a decent and lovely chap, so I'll bow to that, but that's all.

My personal hope was for the bin to get won, which it did not do so nearly enough for my liking.
Oh you've broken me, I want it to survive the test of time! I'm in my early(ish) thirties and my memory of saturday night tv from childhood is all rather enjoyable but of course, thats mostly the point of this thread isn't it, how you suddenly grow up enough to realise that most light entertainment is rotten.
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