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Hugh Letdown
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Do people still actually talk like that in London?
Yes, some do. Why do you ask? Is it not plain? You've just heard her, right?

Can she not talk with a little effort to sound better?
Sound better? What to your ignorant ears? She shouldn't bother trying to please the confused and spiteful.

I feel embarrassed that the rest of the world thinks we all talk like that from London.
You seem to be the only one that has a problem understanding that some people talk like that. Even when you've just witnessed it.

Don't include "the rest of the world" in your personal miserable befuddlement, eh? See how that works out for you. Just be embarrassed for yourself.

The "rest of the world", for the most part, aren't nearly as ignorant as some.

Oh, and we really believe you just happened to pop out with a mate and end up at the Golden Globes with an award in your hand.
Oh, and no "we" all understand this too. Again, you seem upset and it's only because you fail to comprehend.

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