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Well, she wouldn't be from the point of view of a straight woman, would she? I'm a straight man; from my point of view no man whatsoever is attractive (well, apart from Leonardo di Caprio in The Man in the Iron Mask, where he couldn't look more like a girl if he tried)
Yes, but as a straight man, I'm sure you can appreciate when another man is good looking, even though he does nothing for you personally? There's a difference betwee acknowledging that someone is good looking, and actually finding them personally attractive.

I mean I am a straight woman, and I can see other women and think that they are very attractive, but I don't fancy them.

As for Helen Flanagan, I don't see what all the fuss is about either. She's not that good looking (obviously, it's all subjective) and doesn't seem to have anything between the ears either.
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