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Oh you've broken me, I want it to survive the test of time! I'm in my early(ish) thirties and my memory of saturday night tv from childhood is all rather enjoyable but of course, thats mostly the point of this thread isn't it, how you suddenly grow up enough to realise that most light entertainment is rotten.
Oh dear, clearly you have not had a chance to see it recently from an older perspective? It used to be the show I looked back on, regards ITV, with a certain fondness because it was safe and comfortable and un-threatening, like what youngsters used to like. But a lot of the newly introduced "up and coming" comics that appeared in the segments were never heard of again. I saw some Liverpudlian comic do a stint with every Scouse cliche trotted out in his jokes it was a cringe, and hard to believe this was the mid 1980's, when the new alternatives were already underway.

But for me, the greatest ever Saturday night entertainment on ITV was Game For A Laugh in 1981-85 period. I was the right age, it was at the right time, and I adored it. ITV needs a new Beadle!
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