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I am wondering if it's not a 3rd party who doesn't have anyone's best interest at heart, because this story doesn't do any of them (Harry and Taylor) any favour IMHO.
With gossip, you knever know where that comes from anyway.
Sometimes it is tit-for-tat from stars PR teams but in this case the range of stories/reasons and excuses look to be so varied it seems as if it's just bad journalism/sensationalist reporting in the wake of no official word/lack of clarity.

Whilst this ridiculous showmance was ongoing, we were getting simultaneous marriage and babies, wedding discussions, outpourings of love, relocating to the USA and even a Taylor is pregnant story alongside Taylor texting her ex, Harry getting cold feet in a hot tub with a blonde (the papers didn't seem to notice the majority men in the hottub, conviniently) and him dumping Taylor because she is 'frigid' and 'talks about antiques too much'. Then Taylor dumping Harry.

Absolute rot from start to finish. Bloody silly fauxmancing. All wrapped up in a big bow. Pathetic.

Not to mention the same Harry Styles who was once seen going round an outdoor antique fair looking at furniture.
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