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Javert is a highly complex character.

He's guided by a sense of morality and certainly with respect to the law sees the world as black and white - you're either a criminal (and thus scum) or not. That's why he's then driven to suicide because he couldn't reconcile Valjean's acts of kindness with his world view.

While he is the primary antagonist, I think he's more a victim of circumstance thanks to his upbringing - "I was born inside a jail". It's almost as if he saw what jail involved and was determined to keep away from it, so went as far the other way as possible.
Great summing up. It's yonks since I read the book and the thought of plowing through it again is too daunting, but I think the film portrayed his humanity and weaknesses better than the stage production. It's much clearer in the book if IRC.

Also wanted to say that I am really happy that Les Mis won the Golden Globe, along with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. All very well deserved.

I can't see them getting the same success at the Oscars though, as all the Best Picture / Best Actor nominations are judged alongside one another, and not as a seperate "Musical/Comedy" or "Drama" category. As good as Jackman was, I can't see him beating Daniel Day Lewis - who was stellar in Lincoln, no matter how much I would like to see his endeavours rewarded.

Looks like it'll be between Les Mis and Argo, based on the two wins last night in their respective categories. But Hollywood does love a you never know.

I don't think Anne Hathaway has anything to worry about though.
Agree. Can you believe Ben Afleck, like Tom Hooper doesn't get an Oscar nod. And, much as I love Daniel Day Lewis, I would love Hugh to win, but I don't think it'll be . Blast you Daniel, why make such a magnificent character this year! You've got 2 already.
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