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BBC2 Saturday July 25, 1981:BBC2:

16.10 Cricket from Lord's
19.35 News and sport
19.55 Cloch - Irish sculptors
20.20 Spirit of Asia with David Attenborough
21.20 Horror Double Bill: Isle of the Dead,Boris Karloff
22.30 The Telephone Box: Spanish film
23.05 News
23.10 Cricket highlights
23.40 The Crazies horror film
01.25 Close
Yay! Live cricket and FTA with no ads between the overs.- good times! The summer of 1981 would have been Ian Botham singlehandedly demolishing the Aussies!

Have to agree on the quality of Saturday night TV, even the old staples like Casualty, have lost the originality they once had, it used to be just a 13 episode run every autumn.

Surprised that no one has mentioned Noels Houseparty, OK Edmonds isn't to everybody's taste, but the show was live and it was an 'event' nothing has come close since.

I don't know why the BBC don't start SCD later and straddle Christmas with it, as someone has already mentioned January is still cold and dark, years ago most winter program seasons ran from October to late February.
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