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I can't ever remember saturday tv being this bad either. I have not turned in to ITV since the late summer, mainly because I couldn't stand X Factor. I use to love settling down to watch in but in recent years it's turned into something un watchable for me.
Now the current saturday nights are quite abysmal. Nothing decent at all to watch.
Saturday just gone, i watched two back to back episodes of doc martin on another channel then caught up with something on recall.
I imagine a lot of people out there share your sentiments, with me being one of them. I do feel by and large throughout the calendar year, the mainstream terrestrial channels in particular saturated with x factor and SLD and what's even more painful if having to endure the same presenters as well as these so-called 'celebs' who persist in courting tv audiences it really is pathetic.

Gameshows 2 to 3 decades ago for example I imagine are probably more missed because the contestants were ordinary family orientated and down to earth people you could relate to.

There was no attitude or facade about them. And there was a lot more pleasantness and grace.

Now it's a silly soapbox!
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