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Yes, but as a straight man, I'm sure you can appreciate when another man is good looking, even though he does nothing for you personally? There's a difference betwee acknowledging that someone is good looking, and actually finding them personally attractive.

I mean I am a straight woman, and I can see other women and think that they are very attractive, but I don't fancy them.

As for Helen Flanagan, I don't see what all the fuss is about either. She's not that good looking (obviously, it's all subjective) and doesn't seem to have anything between the ears either.
No, I can't. With the sole exception I mentioned, I don't see any attraction in men at all. I know some straight women say they know what women are attractive, but I've noticed this is often very divergent from what most men would find attractive. Indeed, the value you place on her having something between the ears is not one that would be shared by all men (though some would).

Of course, all that is a bit generalised. Not all straight men agree on what women are attractive. So it's all opinion really.
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