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I didn't like the two episode format either. Will record them next week and save 30 minutes by FF the adverts.

In addition, for those of us who ears don't work as well as they should, last night's subtitling effort by ITV was woeful. For the first 7-8 minutes I would bet my pension they were transmitting the subtitles from last week's episode. As soon as the programme started subtitles appeared over the introduction. You read Lewis reminding Hathaway to remove his CD from the car after the traffic accident at one point. Then the subtitles stopped altogether and were replaced with a pop up every couple of minutes apologising for the lack of subtitles. When they eventually reappeared the subtitles were about 5 seconds late. You had to make the choice of reading the subtitles, lip reading or turning the sound up so all the neighbours could hear. I chose the latter.

However, ITV got their priorities right when the adverts were on, all the ads with subtitles were spot on.

All in all this first Lewis story of the new series left a lot to be desired.

Pity ITV don't concentrate their efforts on their programmes rather than a new Logo.
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