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I so agree, to me she is Becky in period dress and an unconvincing upper class accent.
Becky is one of my favourite characters on Coronation Street. When she first appeared on the show, there wasn't much to her- she was just a chavvy friend of one of the girls who worked at the factory. The writers and Katherine Kelly evolved Becky into a girl the audience rooted for. She found acceptance, a place in the community, and formed a lasting relationship. She struggled to have a child and became a loving mother to her nephew and to Steve's daughter Amy. I joked that Becky was my style icon. She certainly was a heroine to me. I was sorry to see her leave the show. Katherine Kelly turned in an unforgettable performance in the Coronation Street Romania DVD- in her short cameo appearance, as silly as the plot was, and out of the context of the show's storylines, she made Becky funny, touching, and inspirational. I turned into Mr Selfridge just for her. I'm disappointed that the writers haven't given her much to do as Lady May except needle Mrs. Selfridge. I would like to see her explore the motivations and origins of her character. But I don't want to watch the show anymore- it does look like it's going to be very predictable and mainly focused on the love affairs of the main characters, which are pretty cliched. It's a bit much that Mrs Selfridge was picked up by an artist in the National Art Galley and agreed to go to his studio to see his paintings. Would she really fall so easily for the approach of "Come up and see my etchings"?And, apparently, as shown in the tralier for next week, he happens to be a promising artist who ends up painting her portrait? It's all too Mills and Boon.
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