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She also made a Roman Polanski film not long ago too,which I feel is a bit dodgy as well, as I'd personally avoid that guy like the plague.
Really, do you think she's alone in making films with people who have bad reputations? Practically all of Hollywood is currently in bed with a mogul/producer with one of the sleaziest reputations around and yet no one is condemning them. Polanski is a very talented filmmaker and actors, oddly, like to work with talented and interesting directors. If Jodie is dodgy for working with Polanski, then so are Ewan Macgregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kate Winslet, John C Reilly, Emilia Fox, Adrien Brody, the list goes on and on. Condemn one, condemn them all if you want, but let's not have one rule for Jodie and another for everyone else.
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