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Does anyone else agree that making a weak pun and then putting "Ha ha" in brackets afterwards is the kind of thing most people grow out of by the age of, hmm, about twelve? I can't think of any other writer who uses this childish habit to show their readers when something is supposed to be funny!

Kudos to Clare Balding BTW for her dignified response. The perfect way to deal with a bully: show them how unimportant their bullying is and move on. I bet LJ is seething; she was probably hoping Clare would retaliate with an emotional response and give her something she can hang onto and rake over endlessly, so she could present herself in a "victim" role and make her target look like the bad guy. (Much the same as she did with that other writer she kept insulting recently, who eventually cracked and said something rude back which is now going to be worn by Liz as a badge of victimhood for evermore!)
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