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Where am I going to get the Skyfall Steelbook blu-ray now?
Considering that i got an e-mail just a couple of hours ago from HMV advertising their range of forthcoming steelbooks, i'd imagine that they'll still be selling it, at least online. I hope so anyway because i have it pre-ordered.

I can see HMV going the way of Zavvi and being purely online once they've closed their stores.

It is a massive shame that it's come to this as HMV was the last of the major brick and mortar DVD/Blu Ray/Game/Music stores, and i have a lot of sympathy for the staff who will be losing their jobs (i've got a friend who works there too), but HMV the company only have themselves to blame for not staying competitive and charging ridiculous prices (case in point, i was in there the other week and they were selling the Blu Ray of Taken for absurd price of 30!).
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