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100 per cent yes. Her performance has been my favourite throughout the whole award season. Even a lot better than most of the performances from the Best actresses categor. She's in it for 20 minutes and people seem to be moaning, although that is why she is classed as a supporting, not a lead. Her performance was beautiful, moving and just full of so many different emotions. It is a role very dear to her heart as at the age of 8, she watched her mother (a former stage actress) take on the role. She isn't in it for very long, but that is the point of her character's story and even by the closing credits, her performance still sticks in your mind.

I am for respecting people's opinions but how anyone can class her scenes as "stupid", clearly doesn't understand what Les Miserables is all about, and they clearly don't see such fantastic acting. I bet there idea of fantastic acting is watching Hollyoaks.
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