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The reason I am equally annoyed with HMV as the administrator is because they made no attempt to warn customers in advance that they were in trouble.....
Seriously?!?!?! Barely a month has gone by for at least a couple of years now without some rumblings about HMV in the national press and on TV. I don’t have much sympathy for anyone left holding a gift card as the writing has been on the wall for all to see for many, many months.

And FGS, would people read and absorb - It is the ADMINISTRATORS who have decided not to accept gift cards (not the management of HMV) and no other business in the same situation would either. Their sole duty is to try and prevent the chain from going into liquidation at which point everyone will be standing in line behind the banks, HMRC, the Vatman and the liquidator themselves (whose fees are massive btw). I speak from bitter experience when I say that if it gets to this stage unsecured creditors (which is what giftcard holders are) will be lucky to get 10p in the pound.

If you want your money back now for giftcards the best bet is to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge, if they’ll let you.

....and neither have they (yet) given customers any window to use remaining vouchers or gift cards before the shops go altogether.
Rilly? Today is the 15th so Xmas bought vouchers/cards could have been used for the last two weeks presumably.
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