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It is indeed a testament to her loyalty that she remains friends with him but I cannot admire her for it I'm afraid. Drunk or not, Gibson is a disgusting racist and to associate herself with him is, IMHO, unforgivable. (I feel very strongly about it as you can tell)....
He made a lot of very sexist comments too. I cannot abide sexism. On top of that, he physically attacked his ex girlfriend. Again, I cannot abide violence against women by cowardly men. He's become a bit of an outcast in Hollywood now, which is unsurprising since a lot of the powerful in that place are Jews.

So, Jodie must be a very understanding woman to still be friends with such a man. He must have some redeeming qualities since she seems to be a very nice woman with a good head on her shoulders.

As for her 'coming out.' Meh. It's been known for at least 30 years that she's a lesbian.
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