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How many more times is she going to retell the "anecdote" about the till assistant drawing her attention to a 2-for-one offer? She trots this tale out over and over again, changing the details every time, seemingly expecting us to share her indignation because some helpful shop assistant was kind enough to try and save her money. Even if this were the most fascinating story in the world, telling it over and over again would be ridiculous. But it isn't remotely interesting or printworthy. It's tedious and irritating, and shows LJ in a very bad light.

She really does seem to forget what she's written, doesn't she? But surely her editors must recognise the same old stuff being rehashed yet again? Doesn't anyone from the DM ever do a double-take and say "Umm, Liz, I think we've heard this story before?"...Writers could just about get away with this before the internet....but now that everything is Googlable and checkable, how does she expect it to go unnoticed?
Fair enough - but why keep reading it and wasting your own time posting comments.!

If her column isn't remotely interesting or printworthy, is tedious and irritating, is a continous rehash of old guff requiring Google checks to catch her out ,why bother with it?

Maybe try reading something else that doesn't irritate you quite so much.
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