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HMV site just gone down which isn't a good sign. What happens to exclusive rights to steelbooks/extra discs? Will the Skyfall steelbook just not sell or go to Amazon.
Just seen its offline now too. I suppose it depends on what the administrators decide to do with the company and whether they reach this decision before the release date.

GAME was in a similar situation last March where they couldn't stock the Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition (which was GAME exclusive at the time) they just cancelled everyone's orders a couple of days before release date and the Collectors Editions all went to Amazon which were all snapped up very quickly, needless to say there were a lot of pissed off GAME customers (me being one of them...), hopefully the same thing doesn't happen here and they at least notify us one way or the other.

Supposedly HMV have confirmed that they are stocking this weeks new game release Devil May Cry, but can't comment on any other future releases, so signs are probably not good.

Got to admit that I'm mildly annoyed that I can't even cancel my Skyfall order due to the site being down, I guess we're in limbo until they reach a decision on the future of the company...
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