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Looks like she's done more than Judi Dench did to win the same award for Shakespeare in Love.

Hathaway lost a stupid amount of weight for the part.

And then had to sing for 10 to 12hours per day on set.

There was virtually no ADR on the film. They sang live with live music on set - no pre-recorded tracks all on set and everything sang.

She is interviewed by Simon Mayo in the most recent Radio 5 Film Review show and it is an excellent interview. She refuses to say how she lost the weight because she doesn;t want others to do it.

Also, quite a sweet story that she retold when Mayo asked about any Catwoman film.

Also, Hugh Jackman was basically given the lead role without having to audition but said he said he would audition as he didn;t want any special treatment.

I'll not go and see the film, not my thing, but from what I have heard they all worked damn hard on the filming.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. She still doesn't deserve to in.
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