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And the issue with "if you don't like it don't read it" is what exactly ?

"She's like a bad car crash" - actually, nope, she's not . She's a very smart journalist who is paid tons of money for winding people up like you.
'If you don't like it, don't read it' - just the standard argument used by Liz lovers. I DO like to read her stuff because it makes me thankful that I'm not Liz, who's bitter, lonely, friendless, (and constantly wonders why) and that I have a great family and friends.

She's unable to see she drives friends and family away with constant writing about their bad habits ('my sister's an alcoholic') her own bad habits at friends dinner parties (spitting out food on her plate because it's got bacon in it and swilling her mouth out with water then spitting it back in the glass ) and nasty remarks that she's glad her mother has dementia because 'she can't tell people my real age'. She's such a little charmer.

And have you noticed?

All her money, designer goods and clothes and lavish lifestyle haven't made her happy. Just broke and alone.

I'd rather be me than her, any day.
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