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Plot Holes after Ep1:

The killing of the people in the comic shop was meant to look like a gas leak but one of them was killed by being hit by a metal pipe and there was blood everywhere. Clearly this would have wrecked the gas leak cover-up story. Even if they had all been killed using the gas canister, any policeman or coroner would question why the people didn't make any attempt to get out since domestic gas smells (unlike CO gas)

Two of the characters were arrested on false charges and one even had DNA evidence against him but had a solid alibi. This would raise a massive red flag over the evidence gathering and would justify a separate police investigation by itself - yet no-one cares about it afterwards.

The civil servant had no reason to allow himself to be blackmailed like that. I think we all know that real politicians have done things on a par with than get a mistress pregnant and basically have just got on with their lives after the stories came out.

The whole things is pretty shaky but I'll probably still watch it. It's like a modern 'X Files' made by people who read 'Vice' magazine a lot.
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