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Yes, I do, and I think it'll be a serious injustice if she doesn't win. I haven't seen Lincoln yet, but I don't believe Sally Field could be any more than equally as good as Anne, and she's won two already. Anne is astonishing in Les Mis, steals the movie with only 20 minutes of screentime and gives the best rendition of I Dreamed a Dream I've ever heard, perfect interpretation of the lyrics.

probably but she shouldn’t, she's only in it 3 scenes and i found them rather stupid
She's in it a lot more than Judi Dench was in Shakespeare in Love! Whatever you think of whether she deserves it or not, there's no criterion of a certain amount of screentime for SUPPORTING actress, so that's no reason to say she doesn't deserve it.

Yes, followed by the usual marriage break-up some time afterwards
Wow, charming
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