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Wow. Ok then.

Maybe she done all those things for her roles but she has given two of the best acting performances of her career, nothing to do with how much weight she lost etc. People need to give credit where it's due. She done an amazing job.

I think Anne attracts alot of hate for no reason, I didn't think there was any on DS, was obviously wrong....

AND I can't believe someone mentioned her up-skirt shot, what's that got to do with it, get over it.
I don't hate her - she is actually excellent when she is kinda parodying some of her earlier performances such as in Alice in Wonderland as the white queen. She is an excellent comedy actor. Talking of which if Anne Hathaway was doing a parody (a la Saturday Night Live) of OTT musicals she would sobs herself silly and croak with emotion on every line.So was Les Miserables parody? My point is this year is not her best ... in the Batman film only the hero and the villain really get a chance to shine. Her performance was fine but not outstanding much like Joseph Gordon-Levitt's . As for les mis it is a marmite drizzled with tears thing.
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