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I saw this last week and to say my jaw hit the floor would be an understatement. My daughter's only 3 and a half but I can tell you right now there is no way in hell she'd be leaving my house dressed that like. How the stupid mother thought that outfit was in any appropriate defies belief. Had no sympathy for mum but plenty for daughter who isn't be given moral guidance in self respect!!
Thank heavens there are still mothers like you! I, too, have daughters (two, aged 14 and 18 - the article about the 14 year old caught my eye) and it's all about how you bring them up and stick to what you believe in that matters. This is not the time to go into it further, but children will challenge you, that is their nature - and girls very often challenge through the clothes they wear, and use such emotional blackmail techniques such as "but I'm the ONLY one who isn't allowed to wear/do x, y and z" when you know it's nothing of the sort! But, sadly, too many parents give in with that awful refrain "what can I do?" Um, say no? Put your foot down? Show them that, whilst they live in your house, your rules apply? I know I'm lucky - I work in behaviour management in my 'day job', so I have the confidence to both implement and follow through on these things. Whilst they have pushed me at times, it's been very rare. They respect me and I respect them, but they know that - ultimately - I am in charge and they know better than to think they could get away with things I don't think are appropriate (for example, I'd have banned my daughters from their own parties without a second thought if they'd tried that one on with me, and they know it! Consequently neither have even bothered trying - and you know what? They wouldn't even want to try because they know there's no point, and they know I love them even when I say 'no' to them for their own good.)

In which I was Brought Up in Poverty With Imaginary Ponies ,While Lesbian Witches With No Fashion Sense Had It All.
Clare Balding has more dignity in her little finger than LJ has ever had, and will ever had!

Just dipped back into the Liz Jones playground forum.

Ouch - she is never going to be best friends with Clare Balding, lovely as she is . As a horse lover she finds horse racing disgusting.So do I .

Liz rescues old racehorses - fair play Liz - it's a sad old world where these lovely horses are shot and destroyed at about 5 years old
Please don't tar all race horse owners with the same brush - as with anything, it isn't always as extreme as some might make it appear. My grandfather had race horses all his life, just one at a time in training, so more of a hobby really, but he was still very successful in the 70s and 80s and jockeys like Pat Eddery and Steve Cauthen rode for him regularly. The only jockey who mistreated one of my grandfather's horses, and threw a race deliberately (having phoned my grandfather personally out of the blue to ask him if he could ride the horse) was a certain jockey who had issues with the tax man. Horrible man, totally bent in the racing world, a world away from the kind of person my grandfather was, and it broke him to have been associated, even without meaning to have been, with this person.

My grandfather did have horses, originally destined for training, who subsequently didn't make the grade, but he never destroyed them or got rid of them - they lived out their lives happily on his small holding and I earned my pocket money mucking them out and feeding them.

Yes, horse racing can be brutal and sometimes cruel, but then so can so many other things - and it doesn't mean everyone involved plays by the same rules. My grandfather certainly didn't do anything disgusting deserve anyone's vitriol, thank you very much. In fact, he gave his race horses (ex and otherwise) a far better life than LJ has given hers If we are to believe her version of things - he paid his vet bills on time, for a start, and knew how to look after them properly!

I can't remember the specifics of that one but I do recall reading about it.Animal lover my backside.
IMO she fantasised about animals as a kid,made a load of money so bought the farm to live the dream.She forgot she had no clue how to actually look after anything.( I doubt she could keep a pot plant alive,never mind horses and sheep).
What an idiotic narcissistic fool.
I know what you mean,but the sad thing is LJ does not give them a good home.
It would surely be better if she spent all that money on sponsoring them in a reputable shelter than having them herself where they are constantly sick/suffering?
Exactly my point! LJ has caused distress to her animals, including the horses, and doesn't seem aware of what their real needs are. And if you can't afford the vets bills don't rescue any animals to start with - that is just as abusive as the life she is boasting about rescuing them from! I've adopted three cats, and my children would love more, but we can't afford to insure or pay the vets fees for any more cats. I could go down to the animal shelter this afternoon, find a cat, and have it home by tea time (if you've adopted before they let you take them straight away - not sure I agree with that) but they won't ask me if I can afford to look after it or pay the bills - that bit is down to my own common sense/sense of what's right and practical.

Sadly LJ seems to act first and think (sometimes...) afterwards. "Oh, I've done such a good thing rescuing this animal, haven't I - please everyone give me praise and adulation for that... I clearly deserve nothing less... I can't afford to pay for the vet or for the right food or care, and I can't be bothered to house train my domestic animals, but please don't focus on those things because then I'll feel 'got at', and you'll upset me... just say 'what a lovely person you are, LJ' to me because that's what I think about myself and I need people to validate it to have any sense of self-worth..."

She needs to wake up and smell the (Illy) coffee!

Nope, didn't intend to say any of that but thanks for the request for clarification.
You're obviously far more interested in the ins and outs of Ms Jones life than I am so I'm sure you will be much more clued up on the details of how she runs her life and deals with her numerous pets.
No one needs to be 'interested', LJ plasters it everywhere and so often you can't avoid her musings, even if have no intention of reading them! If you avoid the 'Dreary' she only pops up somewhere else in the paper or magazine spouting her divel about someone, or something, else. The only person here who seems 'interested' in her to any serious extent is you yourself - otherwise why defend the indefensible?

I'm just a normal person, I don't go out of my way to read about her, but she makes herself an easy target (and clearly craves attention of any variety) so surely we're doing her a favour by noticing her ramblings? Isn't that what you and her apologists actually want?! For her to be 'noticed'?! Except she makes herself look so silly she's noticed for all the wrong reasons!

How many more times is she going to retell the "anecdote" about the till assistant drawing her attention to a 2-for-one offer? She trots this tale out over and over again, changing the details every time, seemingly expecting us to share her indignation because some helpful shop assistant was kind enough to try and save her money. Even if this were the most fascinating story in the world, telling it over and over again would be ridiculous. But it isn't remotely interesting or printworthy. It's tedious and irritating, and shows LJ in a very bad light.

She really does seem to forget what she's written, doesn't she? But surely her editors must recognise the same old stuff being rehashed yet again? Doesn't anyone from the DM ever do a double-take and say "Umm, Liz, I think we've heard this story before?"...Writers could just about get away with this before the internet....but now that everything is Googlable and checkable, how does she expect it to go unnoticed?
Everything she says and does shows her in a bad light!

And the issue with "if you don't like it don't read it" is what exactly ?

"She's like a bad car crash" - actually, nope, she's not . She's a very smart journalist who is paid tons of money for winding people up like you.
None of us are 'wound up' by her - you are rather missing the point of what people are saying here! We see her for what she is - a delusional, self-pitying, bitter, lonely and ignorant (and I mean that in the true sense of the word) human being who can't seem to see the obvious right in front of her face. I mean, have you read the self-pitying "why does no one like me? I really can't work it out" rants? My children could tell her the answer - in fact, they'd ask her how much time she's got because the list is very long! She's so transparent you could use her as a window!

The only people who seem to be unaware of the obvious are LJ herself and the people who seem to think they're doing her a favour by defending her. But people who do that are really NOT doing her any favours - they are enabling her and condoning behaviour that is really not appropriate for a woman of her age, when really they should be giving her a shake and saying "for God's sake, take a good look at yourself - can't you see what an idiot you look in the eyes of everyone else?". If people really do care about how someone they know is making themselves look idiotic then they have to give them 'tough love'!

But no, we're not 'wound up' by her - we are just thankful we know no one like her in our lives!
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