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Les Mis virgin here, I knew absolutely nothing about the film when I went to see it last night. The only songs I knew were IDAD and OMO. I actually don't know what to say that can convey just how much I enjoyed it? I was a mess when I came out, have never cried so much because of a film

Hugh Jackman was just epic. Amazing. I went in not really liking him as an he's one of my favourites Anne was spectacular, as usual, was in floods of tears basically the whole time she was on screen! Samantha Barks was amazing, OMO sent shivers down my spine. Russell Crowe was actually really good! I enjoyed his performance, and yes he clearly wasn't the best singer but going by the horrific reviews he was receiving I was expecting a LOT worse. I'm a big fan of Eddie Redmayne - seen nearly all his movies - and he didn't disappoint! Also loved the main rebel (sorry, don't know his name ) and Sacha+Helena. The only one I didn't really like was Cosette, but then maybe I didn't have enough time to get to like her? I also found her high notes a bit...ugh.

Favourite songs of the film - I Dreamed a Dream, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, One Day More and On My Own. But its ECaET that I haven't stopped listening to since I came out! Don't think I've ever been so affected by a song. Eddie's voice, and the pure emotion he pours into that song, its just spine tingling!

Going to see it again with my friends on Friday, can't wait!
I agree with everything you say! Went yesterday and have never cried so much when all the boys were killed, so much more shocking and personal than the stage version. I was half hoping they would change that part because I so didn't want them to die. I have seen the stage show four times and love it but a film lets you really SEE the emotions on all the character's faces and empathise with them. It also helped me to understand the nuances of the story and the songs linked in better.
Couldn't sleep last night with all the songs going round in my head, especially At The End Of The Day (plus I had a headache from all that crying ) . It was also great playing 'spot the musical theatre actor". Loved it that Colm Wilkinson played the priest.
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