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Sorry folks. It is such a horrible title that it puts me, and I suspect many others, right off it. Now I hear it is mostly sung, that is the death knell. Why couldn't they do it properly and just have a better title? And of course dump that X factor song.

I realise this is probably stupid, and I have probably missed some good things, but that is just how it is, for me anyway.
Um, you do realise that "X Factor Song"....actually Britains' Got Talent. was composed in the 80's and is an essential part of the 27 year old musical.It'd had been a huge hit for 20 odd years before SuBo went viral and brought it to a whole new generation. Yup surprise, it's a multi award winning MUSICAL. So, guess what, there's music, lots of it! As for the title, guess you'd better go back a couple of hundred years and blame the author.

I have no problem with people hating musicals, or indeed any type of film, but sometimes it's better to say noting at all than prove you have absolutely no inkling of what you're on about. I howled with laughter at the idiocy of it.

I'd stick to cartoons if I were you. But you do get "post of the thread" for me. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.
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