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Simon Rodgers
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As others have said, HMV really didn't help themselves with regards to their pricing. I was looking for all the seasons of a tv programme & my local HMV were selling all 6 seasons on DVD separately at a cost of 20 per season, 120 total. I eventually bought from Play for 36.99 the complete boxed set of all 6 seasons. An 83 saving is not to be sniffed at, even though I understand that they have overheads that online stores don't have.

I think they've only been able to carry on trading for so long with their mostly horrendous prices because going in to HMV & being able to buy a cd or DVD immediately gives instant gratification rather than having to order online & wait 3-5 days. Especially on older products.
I went into HMV and saw the Blackadder boxset pricetage saying Was 70, now 20.

I can get it from Sainsury's for 18. 70 to start with? Were they serious? Sometimes I think they inflate the start price to say it was that to make it sound like a better deal when it isn't.
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