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Denmark - No doubt not the best that Denmark could have entered 4/10
San Marino - Not doing anything for me 3.5/10
Romania - Stealing bugger! CLUB! 4/10
Ireland - Had to minimize window for that! Slow and boring 3/10
Spain - Electric guitar, thunder and lightning, must be rock! Nice tune, not that catchy. 6.66/10
Morocco - A great song for Morocco, which translated is a 'it's ok' song for the likes of Sweden, Norway etc. 4/10
Greece - Well this is certainly different to what Greece has sent before, I must say it is toe tapping, nothing special. 5.5/10
Moldova - See Morocco. 5/10
UK - Oh yes, a very powerful song. 7/10
Cyprus - Him again‽ Well It's all right. 5/10
Armenia - Can't understand a bleeding word, but it seems very nice. 5.5/10
Poland - I could live with her singing, but not his. 4.5/10
Serbia - Absolutely does nothing for me. 2/10
France - This must have come from the French version of Grease, oh oh oh no. 4.5/10
Belgium - Yawn 4/10
Macedonia - Wasn't expecting much from Macedonia, quite surprised though. 6/10
Slovenia - Now we are getting somewhere, very catchy. 7.5/10
Austria - WTF FTW! 1,000,000/10
Bulgaria - No. 2/10
Azerbaijan - Ditch him, and you'll get a better score from me. 4.9/10
Albania - Her not singing makes this like any other club song. 4.5/10
Turkey - Chorus is great, but let down by most of the rest of the song. 6/10
Netherlands - Someone mentioned Within Temptation? Ending on a higher in this SF, a great song. 7.6/10
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