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Have you ever bought anything from the HMV website and tried to take it back to a store? They refuse saying the website is a different company to them.

Well call in a solicitor because it looks like another company is using their name and logo!

Seriously though how can they say that and why has the website gone down too if they are not connected?
They are different companies. Try returning an item to and see what kind of response you get.

I went into HMV and saw the Blackadder boxset pricetage saying Was £70, now £20.

I can get it from Sainsury's for £18.
Wow - A MASSIVE £2 premium so you can take it home there and then. Those profiteering bastards! Itís not as if HMV have sky-high rents to cover, counter-staff to pay, TV advertising costs, UK tax.......oh, hang on a sec - They do!
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