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Hi Sunstone. I read the Karen Cross article and was once again flabbergasted that the DM has managed to find another bonkers, bitter snob. I wonder what goes through their minds at the photo-shoot to accompany their crumby articles?
How about 'How miserable can I look but still appear alluring?' (Beautiful Brick advice for posers/losers.)
Or, 'I've been hung out to dry by wretched people I thought would always love me and come running back no matter what has happened in the past. How could anyone not love me after all I've done for them?' (From the LJ bible of giving gifts from the heart.)
Or, 's. I've just concocted a barrel of sh1te that only took fifteen minutes to trot out. Result! Now try and look arsed off.'
I bet Matthew's fuming - if he exists.
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