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Becky Sharpe
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Are the DM auditioning for a replacement? More and more of these bitter/weird women crop up all the time.This latest bemoaning dumping an ex yonks ago to become a journo with her lovely London home etc ( sound familiar?).
Harry Enfield’s Mr Chomondley-Warner might say:

"Although dangerous, it is perfectly natural for a well brought up middle-class gel to feel curious about life outside the home. A conscientious father will wish to warn his daughter that the world of full-time employment is serious stuff - there will be no fluffy kittens to play with, nor many opportunities to display her superior housewifely skills!

Particularly determined young ladies may be dissuaded by tales of the caddish behaviour they will encounter from male colleagues, understandably upset by ‘liberated’ females taking their jobs!

There is one final, foolproof tactic:
Lifelong exposure to reading the Daily Mail will have ensured that the impressionable young ladies of Britain are already terrified of looking too fat/too thin/too old etc etc. They are truly living in fear of being left firmly on the shelf.
Therefore, your gels will currently be giving very careful consideration to proposals of marriage from sensible young chaps with good pension prospects and all of their own teeth.

To ease the path of true love - and to guarantee further generations of Daily Mail readers - the newspaper has produced a public information film. It features a number of the Mail’s unhappy/borderline insane [and generally haggard] female employees who dared to laugh in the face of a woman's traditional role , forsaking marriage and children to pursue so-called ' journalistic careers'. It’s title? Women Know Your Place. If that doesn't work nothing will."
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