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From the ladies point of view , probably .

I was not commenting on the actual crime which has been dealt with by the courts appropriately , but the aftermath

In one Twitter posting an unidentified user sent a tweet to Miss Cochran about Dappy, including the message: 'Send the c*** down.'

Miss Cochran replied: 'Hahaha in the process.'

In a BBM message, sent on Monday evening, Miss Burton said to Miss Cochran: 'hahaha oh my f***. Someone's dad works in media.

'He told her that apparently we can get like a grand for that kind of story from The Sun or something.'

She added: 'Let's ring them tomorrow when we leave court to be fair.'

In another message read to the court, Miss Burton said: 'Didn't they say we can do what we want when the trial is over?

'Let's literally ring Heat and stuff and get rich and sell our story

Asked at at the hearing yesterday at Guildford Crown Court why she had said that, Miss Cochran replied: 'I think we are both 19-year-old girls. Any attention is good attention
They THINK they are 19 yr old girls?! Jesus they really are brain dead!!!
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