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Watched this yesterday, thankfully I found a cinema close by still showing it, it was good but I didn't love it. Jennifer Lawrence was as brilliant as expected, great performances from the rest of the cast as well. I agree with those who said her best scenes were with Robert De Niro, who was excellent as well. I'll have to wait until I've seen the other 4 performances from the Supporting Actor nominees, but his performance will take some beating imo.

I thought it was an improvement on the book, which I didn't like at all hence why the massive chances didn't bother me as they normally do with book adaptations. Pat was much more likeable in the film, thanks to both Bradley Cooper and the general rom-comifying of the book. Also, I didn't realise just how much had changed from the book until I read the wiki on the way home, it's like they're two completely separate things. Most changes were for the better, but I think the ending was a bit too easy, Pat realising Tiffany wrote the letter and just being ok with it, not being as angry as he had been over much smaller things. It was all a bit "is that it?" and an anticlimax imo.

I would like to watch it again before the Oscars but I doubt I'll be able to, because I think I was a little biased from not liking the book so will probably enjoy it a lot more on the second watch.
I'm hoping it will be released on DVD soon - hopefully it will be by March.

I wonder what will happen with Bradley's roles now? He's already in another film (A Place Beyond the Pines) which is supposed to be another career-best performance, so it's going to be interesting what he does.
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