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My first thought was the same one I always have about Liz's ramblings: Has she changed the names of these other, real people, whose personal lives she merrily trots out in print? (Even if she has, everyone concerned will be easily identifiable to many people.) Either way, this article is in fact yet another time that she's caused ructions in these people's lives by her own inability to let go of the past. I wonder how this poor chap feels, reading about her embarrassment re his lack of sophistication, his blue-collar jobs, the fact that she felt she could do better, her dread of the time when he has children, etc?

I always feel so sorry for the real people who become fodder for these self-indulgent articles. Most of us cringe when we think about past relationships, especially difficult ones; we just want to leave them in the past where they belong. How awful to open a paper and see an ex banging on about you in such an insensitive way!
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