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I don't do iTunes, as I don't do Apple, end of, but the Ultraviolet format is annoying as hell.

I recently got Doctor Who: Series 7A which came with an ultraviolet copy. First it made me sign up with Ultraviolet, then with Flixter, then I had to navigate around a useless website to try and find anything remotely resembling a link to a download for offline viewing. As it turned out, there is no laptop/PC download even available for that title, and to put it on my phone required me to download episodes one at a time, AFTER changing the format so they were compatible on my clearly unusual device... a Samsung Galaxy S2.

It was a waste of time, a waste of space and I'll just settle for popping the DVD in when I want to watch it... if I'm away from a DVD player? Well, it'll give me something to look forward to... I'm sure I'll come across some DVD-time quicker than any of this bumbling mess
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