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I'm finding it fascinating. This particular prisoner comes across as very intelligent and articulate and you do find yourself feeling an empathy for him.

Makes me wonder what things would be like if we had death row or those types of sentences here.
I'm also finding it interesting, although I have no empathy and glad to see their punishment. I hope it is as restricted over here but I doubt it.

What I will say though is that particular prisoner (Sanford?) comes over so articulate and educated that it is fascinating to see that if he had taken even a slightly better path in life than he did, he could have found himself at a much higher level of society than even he may have perceived (at the time he committed his crime) he could have reached.
What a waste of a life, I wish the prison would make him speak with young people, gang members, etc to show them not to waste their lives doing rubbish.
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