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Simon Rodgers
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They are different companies. Try returning an item to and see what kind of response you get.
You are either misunderstanding me or just trying to be funny.

If I bought something online and was going to return it online, no problem. Why is there such an issue taking back online goods to a store if they are the same company? And yes, some branches of shops even get funny if you take stuff from another branch back but they will accept them if you make enough fuss. I thought the idea of having different branches and online services was to make the overall service more accessible? Obviously not!

Wow - A MASSIVE £2 premium so you can take it home there and then. Those profiteering bastards! Itís not as if HMV have sky-high rents to cover, counter-staff to pay, TV advertising costs, UK tax.......oh, hang on a sec - They do!
I was talking about Sainsburys shop where you could buy it and take it home, not Sainsbury's online and the point I was trying to make was that for a company which is on its knees trying to sell of its stuff, the are not really trying too hard are they? Last time I checked Sainsbury's were not going under and they have the same costs as HMV only morso as they have more branches!
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