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Evening all

sorry i am late in posting my review

Prior to Tuesday I had never seen or heard the story of Les Mis, a few weeks ago the trailer captured my eyes but at the same time i was unsure if i would like it or understand the story.


i pretty much held my emotions together apart from

I dreamed a dream
On My Own
Eponine dying she has become on eof my fave characters and samantha barks is amazing

then the last 10 minutes i was off had to hold my tears in though as i was on the verge of exploding in a deep cry in front of whole cinema

a funny moment happened in the cinema what happened was

Hugh Jackman was singing Bring Him Home.. then what happens a phone starts ringing in the cinema (someone near me thought it was part of film) Everybody started laughing before we settled down and carried on watching film. me and my mum then joked saying Taxi for Mr Jackman as it was apt as he was singing bring him home

want to see it again

also feel samantha barks and isabelle allen have been overlooked
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