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I've only seen Hugh Jackman in Les MisÚrables, and while he was extremely good, he messed up a couple of key moments in my mind, but that may be just personal preference as a fan of the musical. No doubting the amount of effort and detail he put into the role though, he certainly deserves the nomination and I like him as a actor so wouldn't mind him winning.
Completely agree, while good he was far from perfect and some of his scenes weren't as good as they should have been, 'Bring Him Home' being one of them. I'm not sure this was all his fault however, it could have been the poor direction, as whole film wasn't as good as it should have been.

Out of the two performances I've seen so far, I'd say Bradley Cooper is the most deserving. Out of the trailers, Daniel Day Lewis looks the best, but you can't really judge a performance from a trailer, with Joaquin Phoenix second.
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