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I saw it for the second time last night, I love the film and I wish I had the money to keep going back!

I had no idea Hugh Jackman had such a great, theatrical voice. He carried the film seemingly effortlessly. Anne Hathaway's performance as Fantine was stunning, she brought the most incredible emotional truth to the role and I really hope she gets an Oscar
Check out Oklahoma or The Boy From Oz on You Tube. His voice in Les Miz was about a tenth as good as in those. But more than made up for by the sheer fabulousness of his acting.

My point is that there is nothing special about having take after take till you get it right.
We're never going to agree, nor would any film director I suspect, There's a reason it's never been done before and musicals are prerecorded up to 3 months before production in a studio, leaving the miming actors no chance to actually act. This, for me is what makes it raw and special. But we'll leave it at that. I dont think I'll change your opinion to which you are more than entitled.
All I can say is I adore the film after a few viewings just as much as the stage version in very different ways. I will thoroughly enjoy my next visit to London (unless there's a fat Marius or, god forbid, Nick Jonas ) as well as my next scheduled visit to the cinema next week. But I wont compare them.

*signed: one very satisfied punter*
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