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Wondering if the dislike for it is just a DS thing (although I quite enjoyed it) - will be interesting to see if the ratings hold up in future weeks.
I am similarly intrigued after having just caught up with Episode 2. Good grief ...

Piven just gets worse and worse. He's like some OTT ringmaster on acid, raising his hands in every scene. Terrifyingly, he's also credited as being a producer - a typical sop to American egos that's quite common on US shows.

I'm astonished the scripts are so flimsy - although maybe I shouldn't be surprised, given that Andrew Davies is creating entirely new characters, rather than adapting works of fiction, as he's better known for doing. Agnes and her family are like some awful EastEnders story in period gear. Everything is signposted and there are no surprises.

My main concern is with the premise of the whole thing: it's clearly intended as a returning series, yet there is no tension or jeopardy beyond who is bonking who (and I don't much care about that), and the bigger question of whether or not Selfridges will be a success has no currency, because everyone knows it is.

Good comedy viewing if there's nothing else on - but I have to wonder if people will stick with it.
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