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I like Lisa Tarbuck but I detest Jimmy Tarbuck.

Jimmy Tarbuck eh?
I agree and said as much on a different thread.
She's very talented and I can't understand why she's not higher profile. He's gotten famous by greasing up to those much more talented than himself.

I don't 'hate' any of them but do dislike lots of those already mentioned in this thread. Very strongly dislike, in a number of cases. Am slightly amused that this thread is gaining more momentum than the 'like' thread but that could change over time.

Take home message? There are too many people in the public eye who shouldn't be and perhaps not enough of those who should. Having said that, to become a 'celeb', you generally have to be quite pushy and egocentric (not always so, though) so you might have some fairly unlikeable qualities that go hand-in-hand with that.
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