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You are either misunderstanding me or just trying to be funny.

If I bought something online and was going to return it online, no problem. Why is there such an issue taking back online goods to a store if they are the same company?
But they’re not. To all intents and purposes they are entirely different trading companies. Why don’t you get that? HMV online might as well be called something entirely different and I wish it was if only so that people like you wouldn’t keep confusing the two.

I was talking about Sainsburys shop where you could buy it and take it home, not Sainsbury's online and the point I was trying to make was that for a company which is on its knees trying to sell of its stuff, the are not really trying too hard are they?
As has been pointed out ad infinitum, DVD and CDs for supermarkets are loss leaders. They’re lures to get you into stores where then the expectation is you’ll buy other stuff having been enticed in by a low price on a new release DVD. They want you to do your weekly shop there and losing a few pence on a DVD is a small price to pay to get you to drop £50-£100 on groceries. Obviously HMV does not have that option.

And HMV isn’t having a liquidation sale. They want to sell the stock they have for a price on which they can still make an operating profit. The expectation and hope is that they can trade their way out of administration. These are not like the last days of Comet where a firesale resulted in prices dropping through the floor.
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