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I'm surprised you construed that as an insult to Anne Hathaway, I was only stating fact - her job is entirely different to someone playing the same role on stage.

I've stated plenty of times my very positive opinion on her performance, so please don't misconstrue my post

I think she was always going to be overlooked somewhat as she's not 'famous' in the sense that the rest are. I thought it was slightly unsavoury that she was the only main cast member seemingly not invited to the Golden Globes though (Russell Crowe is filming in Australia so that's why he wasn't there).

But at least she did get to do the press tour, and presumably will get to go to the BAFTAs at least - it would just be plain rude if she weren't invited to that.
Samantha barks is in the oliver tour at the moment so that is why she wasent at the goldern gloves
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