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Why slag her off? Why not who she married?
The KP fans will do enough of that once the predictable break up occurs. They will join in whole heartedly with the slagging off this latest random bloke will receive from KP, you know about what a scrounger he is and what a victim KP is.

Glaringly and most obviously SHE has the children, she deserves the slagging off for being a p8ss poor mother who endlessly puts herself first and has no consideration for her childrens welfare, stability or exposure to these strangers she installs in their home.

That is soley her responsibility and not the responsibilty of some random.

She will of course get herself knocked up if she isn't already and the next child can also look forward to the slagging off and vitriol she will spew at the man who donated the sperm whilst being perma dumped with the paid carers so she can carry on her self absorbed,selfish, vacuous, empty life.
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