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Did anyone see the interview this morning with Lance Armstrongs masseuse? Daybreak were crediting her with exposing him- when surely it wad Tyler Hamilton on "60 minutes" who did that
She claimed to have tried to stop drugs in cycling and she said she had not seen drug taking- contradicting several other previous interviews she has given-
found the whole interview very lame and amateurish - she came across as skittish and insincere-
There is no doubting what he did was wrong - watch the cling ons hop on the bandwagon -
That interview was probably the most unprofessional and inaccurate I have seen on Daybreak- that lady came across as fame hungry and her distancing herself from involvement was lame and a tad late
David Walsh of the Sunday Times did a lot of work on exposing Armstrong as well, he was on BBC Breakfast this morning.
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