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Denmark: Awful and outdated. 2/10
San Marino: Really like this, he has a great voice. I love songs sang in Italian. 8/10
Romania: It's no Lemonade. 4/10
Spain: I liked it at the start then the longer I listened to it for the more I went off it. 4/10
Morocco: Not great, but better than most so far. 5/10
Greece: I like Lianne la Havas. This is probably my favourite song of hers. 7/10
Moldova: A good club song, not that good though. 5/10
United Kingdom: Ewwww. Bring back England, Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland. -10/10
Cyprus: One of my favourite Cypriot entries was his first song. This is good but not as great. 7/10
Armenia: This is good. 6.5/10
Poland: Horrid. 1/10
Serbia: It's the definition of just 'okay'. 4/10
France: Aw her voice is really nice. 8/10
Belgium: Pales in comparison to France. 5/10
Macedonia: Not a fan of this. 3/10
Slovenia: Giving other songs a run for their money in terms of worst song in the contest. 1/10
Austria: Nevermind Slovenia, Austria beat you this time. 0/10
Bulgaria: It's just not happening, sorry. 3/10
Azerbaijan: It's just getting worse... and worse. 1/10
Albania: This is alright, or maybe thats just because it's in the midst of a long run of awful songs. 5/10
Turkey: One of the better ones. 7/10
Netherlands: I have a great song by these guys on my iTunes. It isn't this one. 4/10

Shockingly abysmal standard, I ended up giving points to a song I ranked 4/10. Go figure.

I hope SF2 is stronger, and i'm sure it is.
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