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Katherine Kelly is a total scene stealer! Love her in this.

Katherine Kelly is clearly miscast in this, her Eliza Dolittle accent is really really starting to grate on me, I like the actress but she just doesn't suit posh in my opinion
She is not playing a woman born posh. She is playing a self made posh woman.

Unless it's something you wouldn't watch anyway....why not watch and make your own mind up, you might like.

Good second episode but did Agnes have a very young Dad.
I know - I thought that but then I thought maybe she was born when he was about 20 which would have happened a fair bit back then. I'm guessing she's meant to be early 20s so he could be early 40s. At first I thought he was her boyfriend come to ask for forgiveness for something!
I am not liking this NIck Moran business

She might need Victor to kick him out
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