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Why not slag off both of them?

A thrice married washed up plastic mess whose kids probably don't even remember half of the blokes that have acted as Daddy in their short little lives.....

Coupled with a knuckle dragging himbo whose claim to fame was playing a stripper in EE and who proposed to his cash cow after 2 months of dipping his acorn in her nethers.

I'd say they deserve each other & if there weren't 3 kids involved I'd be chuckling very loudly.
Can't argue with that Pru.

If it was just her and the latest rentacock acting like a pair of tw*ts, it would just be hilarious. However, there are 3 children involved and the revolving step daddy door HAS to be affecting them.

She's a f*cking selfish cow (sorry if language offends anyone but it fits imo). I would be amazed if even her loyalist fans could find a way to defend this and still say what a great mum she is
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